About Us


In 1997, Troya is established by three leading expert Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineers in order to provide service to oil production companies. Since then, it completed more than 100 projects where distribution/transmission pipeline, oil and natural gas process equipment design, oil and natural gas collection/processing plant installation and natural gas storage, drilling/well completion/production consultancy projects are completed. Those companies are as follows; BOTAŞ, TPAO, TPIC, BTC, AMITY OIL, TBNG, PETOIL, VALEURA ENERGY, TRANSATLANTIC, MARSA TURKEY BV., TIWAY TURKEY, OILSERV, İGDAŞ, İZMİRGAZ. In 2016, an oil and natural gas production/drilling equipment manufacturing factory, with the boundaries of 6000 m2 open area and 2200 m2 closed area, where it is in Batman Organized Industrial Zone is built. On the other hand, Troya has successfully completed every project it has desired, by fulfilling every requirement of standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. It performed all committed projects by applying every requirement of Health, safety and Environmental Policy. Today, Troya keeps working with the same principles and believes that it has a high-level of experience, which is capable to compete with world and also caught the improved technology.