In 1997, Troya is established by 3 leading expert Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineers in order to provide service to oil production companies. Today, Troya is trying to submit the best solutions to clients in oil, gas and geothermal industry with its experienced founders and dynamic personnel who successfully completed projects and having domestic and outland experiences. Troya has completed its every project successfully. By fulfilling every requirement of Standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications were acquired. It performed all committed projects by applying every requirement of Health, safety and Environmental Policy. It is precisely for these reasons; Troya believes that it has a reference list of high-class, capable to compete with world and caught the improved technology. Troya is watching innovations closely and trying to be better in each new project compared to previous ones. Moreover, Troya always cares the education of own personnel due to believing that the education is a continued process.


  • Drilling Engineering and Consultancy Services
  • Production Engineering and Consultancy Services
  • Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly of Production Facilities Equipment
  • Engineering and Construction of Pipelines
  • Material Supply
  • Engineering and Consultancy Services for Underground Natural Gas Storage